Protect Your Home From Surges Both Inside and Outside

It’s important now more than ever to have quality power surge protection. This is because homes have more appliances than they ever have before, and thousands of dollars worth of electrical repair is at stake. A surge can shorten the life of your television, washer, dryer or any other appliance and can even trigger a fire.

EaZy Electrical Services can protect you from large or small surges that originate from anywhere inside or outside of your home, saving you lots of money and emergencies down the line.

Shield Your Home From Surges With Professional Assistance

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How We Protect Your Household

To prevent damage to your home and electronics, it’s important to know where power surges come from. They usually fall into four different categories:

  • Lightning – Direct hits which cause more serious damage are rare. More commonly, the bolt travels down the wire from a line it struck a split second before.

  • Utility Company – The other big external cause is when your utility company switches power grids.

  • Power Line Damage – Many animals become inadvertent conductors of electricity when they bite into power lines. Damage can also occur from electricity suddenly coming back to your home from a power outage. Remember to unplug your appliances if the power goes out!

  • Large Appliances – The appliances in your own home are actually the most common threat. When they turn on and off, they can create small surges that damage other electronically powered equipment over time.

Our solution for all four is to install a whole-house surge protector into the main electrical service panel. It lets the necessary electricity through and only stops damaging currents. Everything in your home will work as usual, only now you will be protected.

These devices have a lifespan of about two years, and as an established professional company, we’ll still be here to make sure you’re seamlessly protected.

Deflect Power Surges in North Georgia With Your Local Electrician

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