Home Rewiring Services With Your Safety First

Improperly insulated wires are responsible for 30% of electrical fires in the United States. And the kicker is, it’s completely preventable with house rewiring to update your electrical system. There are also several other reasons besides safety to have this done.

EaZy Electrical & Plumbing can take this worry right off your hands and leave you with a safe, newly wired home.

Let Us Improve Your Home Safety With a Rewiring

Eliminate electrical risks and improve your home’s value with our rewiring service.


Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring

These are a few indicators that your home probably needs to be rewired:

  • Old Home – If your home is 30 years old or older and hasn’t had this done, the original wiring is probably on its last legs. Wiring systems that were installed before the 80s also have trouble accommodating for modern-day appliances and uses.

  • Home For Sale – Selling soon? You may want to consider a rewire to make sure your home is up to code and you don’t have to scramble to get this done.

  • Overloaded Electrical System – If you’re very reliant on extension cords or have added new appliances that cause the light to flicker, that’s a good reason to upgrade the wiring.

Signs you should pay attention to include:

  • Electrical shocks or sparks from appliances.

  • Buzzing or sizzling noises.

  • Bulbs burning out too frequently.

  • Frequent blown fuses or tripped breakers on your electrical panel.

  • Warm or hot outlets and cords.

If you are noticing any of these signs, your home is trying to tell you it is having trouble handling the electrical load it has been given.

Be Safe, and Call EaZy Today

Rewiring your home certainly is a large task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or break the bank. Along with our flat-rate pricing, we also offer financing options. We’re a family-owned company, and we’re concerned with providing the best service we can from our licensed, insured electricians.

Want to get your home rewiring taken care of by a professional company that cares about your satisfaction? Call EaZy Electrical & Plumbing at (770) 769-4033, and let’s get started!