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Lighting is one of those aspects of your home that you can really appreciate for both looks and functionality. It can make a huge difference if you want it to, or it can simply be that reliable background lighting when you navigate your home at night. Or, it could be both. With professional lighting services from EaZy Electrical & Plumbing, we can accomplish a wide variety of indoor or outdoor lighting goals for you.

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Indoor Lighting

We can install/replace any fixture or give you an LED upgrade for your existing fixtures.

  • Chandeliers – Ready to take the plunge of a statement lighting piece? A chandelier gives you many additional lighting benefits than traditional fixtures. Plus, there are options for every home decor taste.

  • Custom Kitchen Under-Cabinet Lighting – Under-cabinet lighting adds a nice subtle touch to your kitchen, giving extra visibility with style.

  • Recessed Lighting – Recessed lighting provides a little more space that low-ceiling areas need and just opens up the room in general. They create a pleasant illumination that doesn’t show a fixture.

Landscape Lighting

So you like the way your lawn looks…What’s next? Well, with just daylight, you, your guests and your family are only able to appreciate it during the day. With night lighting, not only is your yard visible all night long, but the lights can be used to create ambience and effects.

Security Lighting

If you’re interested in deterring criminal activity while making it easier to navigate around your home after dark, security lighting is a wise option.

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We’re preferred for lighting jobs for many reasons, including our:

  • Latest lighting options/products.

  • Family-owned business.

  • Honest, flat-rate pricing.

  • Full licensing and insurance.

  • Highly qualified electricians.

  • Great reviews and financing options.

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