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An emergency never strikes at a good time. EaZy Electrical & Plumbing is here for you no matter what kind of hectic situation you’re in. We respond quickly and prioritize your safety above all else.

Need an Emergency Electrician? Act Now!

We’ll tackle your issue right away and keep your home safe.


Is it an Emergency?

An electrical emergency is anything that poses an immediate threat to you or your family’s wellbeing.

  • Power Outage – First, check with your neighbors. If only yours is out, your wiring is likely at fault.

  • Live Wire – Give a live wire plenty of clearance, and keep pets and children away.

  • Burn Marks and/or Smoking – This is pretty serious, as it can indicate that there is or was a small fire behind the marks/smoke.

  • Wires in Water – If part of your home has flooded over an electrical appliance or wires, this is a major hazard.

When in doubt, call a professional; your family’s safety always comes first.

Get Fast Electrical Help Now

There are many advantages to choosing EaZy Electrical & Plumbing for emergency repairs. We are full service, so we can work on any part of your electrical system. We also price up front and will not change that price from when we first quote you to when we finish. You will know by our reviews that any work we do will be reliable after we leave. And we don’t disappear overnight, either. We’re your trusted local electrician for all your electrical needs now and down the line.

Call EaZy Electrical & Plumbing any time you need an emergency electrician at (770) 769-4033.